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DeFi Gets Demystified For Wall Street Investors

With interest in DeFi at an all-time high, Sarson Funds releases DeFi report designed for a Wall Street audience.

(BOSTON, MA) - Interest in decentralized finance (DeFi) is surging, as volume on decentralized exchanges surged from just $39.5 million in January 2019, to $45.2 billion in January 2021. With the implications of DeFi extending far beyond simply token prices, Wall Street is racing to grasp the mechanics of DeFi. To meet investors’ educational needs on the concepts, structure, and investment opportunities in DeFi, Sarson Funds announced today the publication of its most recent white paper, DeFi Demystified: The Investor Guide to Decentralized Finance.

Crafted by Sarson Funds CIO Daniyal Inamullah, CFA and Senior Blockchain Analyst Jacob Stelter, the report presents an in-depth overview of DeFi, its capabilities, and the future of the ecosystem. Most importantly, the report highlights strategies for investors to gain DeFi exposure.

With use cases covering DeFi topics such as yield farming, liquidity pools, arbitration, and insurance, the report is designed to serve as a foundational guide for investors looking to explore opportunities in DeFi without getting lost in the myriad of crypto industry technical jargon.

In the wake of the GameStop debacle, DeFi has taken center stage in the market’s drive for innovation and investor access, with big names like Mark Cuban commenting on DeFi in a recent AMA session on the r/wallstreetbets subreddit. When asked what relatively small industry now would have the potential to explode in the next 10 years, Cuban highlighted DeFi.

With the rapid pace of cryptocurrency adoption and the expansion of investment opportunities in DeFi, Sarson Funds believes Wall Street will look to crypto experts to better understand DeFi investment strategies and risk-mitigation. 

Inamullah expanded on this saying, "Our aim is to provide investors with a credible source to better understand DeFi from both Wall Street and crypto experts.” Inamullah continued, “Cryptocurrency investor education is our foundation, so we’re excited to deliver the transparency into DeFi that professional investors need.”

The report is available to download free on the Sarson Funds website.

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Key Takeaways
  • Decentralized finance (DeFi) investor interest has surged over the past year.
  • Sarson Funds releases DeFi Demystified to educate Wall Street investors on DeFi.
  • The report covers DeFi both investment strategies as well as risk management methods.
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Our aim is to provide investors with a credible source to better understand DeFi from both Wall Street and crypto experts.
Daniyal InamullahCIO, Sarson Funds
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