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Cryptocurrency's Common Sense: Behind Sarson Funds' Drive to Deliver Digital Assets to Main Street Investors

Boston, MA - In America's heartland, talk of a better future and more open society is gaining national attention as a certain millennial leader rises on the national stage. While Pete Buttegieg's plain spoken practicality has garnered accolades in political circles, it's another Indianan with South Bend ties who's methodically winning the hearts, minds and cryptocurrency wallets of both Wall Street and Main Street investors. Indianpolis-based Sarson Funds, led by Managing Partner and Notre Dame alum John Sarson, is bridging the cryptocurrency gap between Wall Street and Silicon Valley by tackling Main Street, focusing on digital asset investor eduction.

"We are not a technology firm that launched a mutual fund or a hedge fund. We are an asset manager that drove into cryptocurrency after trading cryptocurrencies in our personal accounts, watching the industry evolve around us and trading them in a cryptocurrency-oriented hedge fund. Our products look and act like Wall Street products," said Sarson in a recent AUM Boston Magazine interview.

As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others reemerge in the headlines this week, Sarson Funds believes the key to cracking the last wall of popular cryptocurrency adoption is through transparency and investor eduction. With recent speaking engagements in front of the CFA Society of Boston, their weekly Blockchain Insider trader call, and expertise in intermediary distribution, Sarson Funds' aim is to ensure financial advisors, wealth managers, and their clients understand the range of digital asset class investment options.

Sarson Funds co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Jahon Jamali explained, "For our primary channels, we want to serve as an educational layer, a provider of information that is easily digestible so that financial advisors can explain it to their clients."

To capitalize on renewed investor interest, Sarson Funds this week launched Cryptocurrency 101: A Digital Asset Investor Guide, to provide the type of transparent and unbiased cryptocurrency information investors and and financial advisors have been craving.

Available for download on the Sarson Funds website, the guide provides an overview of cryptocurrency's origin, the case for blockchain technology, and informational insights into some of the most relevant and promising cryptocurrencies. Topical pieces for investors also include infographics on cryptocurrency coins, stablecoins, and a video library discussing emerging cryptocurrency investment options, such as altcoins like Cardano (ADA), and stablecoins like NDAU.

In addition to their investor information resources, Sarson Funds two cryptocurrency investment funds, the Large Coin Blockchain Momentum, LP and the Small Coin Fifth Khagan, LP "take into account what advisors need when they are assembling an asset allocation pie for a client," said Sarson.

With most cryptocurrency hedge funds focusing on large venture capital investment, Sarson Funds wants to take the crypto conversation from the blockchain to the neighborhood block. Speaking from Sarson Funds' newly minted Boston-area office, Jamali concluded, "The biggest decisions are often made at the smallest table. The monumental impact of cryptocurrencies is a discussion for all of us."


Sarson Funds, LLC is an independent provider of blockchain technology focused investment vehicles and cryptocurrency market-oriented intelligence. With a philosophy rooted in transparency, the firm delivers its clients targeted exposure to cryptocurrencies and provides blockchain technology related advisory, marketing, and consultative services. Established in 2018, the firm is headquartered in Indianapolis, with a regional office outside of Boston.

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Key Takeaways
  • Sarson Funds delivers digital asset and cryptocurrency education to investors.
  • Cryptocurrency 101 a guide for Investors and Financial Advisors now available from Sarson Funds.
  • Sarson Funds' Blockchain Insider calls discuss benefits of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and stablecoins like NDAU.
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We are not a technology firm that launched a mutual fund or a hedge fund ... Our [cryptocurrency investment] products look and act like Wall Street...
John SarsonManaging Partner, Sarson Funds
For our primary channels, we want to serve as an educational layer, a provider of information that is easily digestible so that financial advisors ...
Jahon JamaliChief Marketing Officer
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