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Clear Crypto: Sarson Funds Embraces Transparency and Governance as Investor Eyes Open to Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency 101, a Digital Asset Investor Guide, is the most recent in a broad a series of educational resources produced by Sarson Funds, designed to bring cryptocurrency investing to both Wall Street and Main Street.

BOSTON, MA — While this week’s Boston Blockchain Week made the Hub a hashtag beacon for blockchain and cryptocurrency thought leadership, Boston-rooted cryptocurrency investment manager Sarson Funds continued its drive to deliver cryptocurrency to Main Street investors with the release of a new series of cryptocurrency educational resources, including Cryptocurrency 101, the Digital Asset Investor Guide.

Led by Wall Street veteran turned digital asset investor, John Sarson, Sarson Funds leverages its team’s Wall Street expertise to run multiple cryptocurrency investment funds that share a common theme: an emphasis on investment transparency. An important element of this transparency and accessibility around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is education for both investors and financial professionals.

The Digital Asset Investor Guide gives a broad overview of digital assets for the crypto-curious with a focus on blockchain concepts and types of digital assets. The Digital Asset Investor Guide compliments a growing series of cryptocurrency investment videos and digital asset investor resources as Sarson Funds looks to bridge the knowledge gap that exists between investment professionals and crypto enthusiasts.

Visitors to can download the Digital Asset Investor Guide free, as well as view the Blockchain Insider Report, a weekly discussion and analysis from digital asset traders and professionals around recent trends and news in the industry. The entire suite of educational materials created by Sarson Funds combines Wall Street-grade research with expert level analysis on digital assets. The materials are written for the investment professional to both advance their knowledge and to educate their clients who may be interested in this emerging asset class.

Managing Partner John Sarson spent 12 years on Wall Street with several respected firms before leaving in 2016 to found an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm and later, Sarson Funds. Following a series of recent media appearances, Sarson continues to make good on his commitment to investor transparency and sound regulatory oversight. He recently was elected to ndau Collective’s Blockchain Policy Council, a Boston-based not-for-profit, which seeks to develop sustainable frameworks for ethical decentralized blockchain management.

“Arming financial advisors and investors with transparency and regulatory assurances is the key to widespread cryptocurrency adoption. We’re proud to combine our investor education outreach with the efforts being furthered by ndau collective’s Blockchain Policy Council which take the concept of cryptocurrency self-regulatory organizations one step further than Gemini's or Ethereum’s current Self-Regulation efforts. Governance on the blockchain opens the floodgate for mainstream investors," said Sarson.

Sarson has become a sought-after thought leader in the digital asset space, speaking to the CFA Society of Bostonand providing insight on cryptocurrency to media outlets such as Bloomberg, CNBC and AUM Boston. In July John will speak about cryptocurrency at The Money Show in Chicago, IL.


About Sarson Funds, LLC: 

Sarson Funds is an independent provider of cryptocurrency investment vehicles and digital asset market intelligence. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana with offices in Boston, Massachusetts, the funds’ flagship products include a strategy driven Large Cap quantitative portfolio and an actively traded Small Cap cryptocurrency portfolio. For more information on Sarson Funds, please visit

Key Takeaways
  • Cryptocurrency 101 Digital Asset Investor Guide Published by Sarson Funds.
  • Sarson Funds delivers cryptocurrency to Main Street investors with a message of transparency and education.
  • Managing Partner John Sarson elected to The Blockchain Policy Council and scheduled to speak on secure cryptocurrency investing at The Money Show in Chicago this summer.
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Arming financial advisors and investors with transparency and regulatory assurances is the key to widespread cryptocurrency adoption.
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